Hand Holding clients through Project Preparation, Procurement, Negotiations, Project Monitoring Evaluation and Project Audits,Establishment of Enabling environment. PPP pipelines and carrying out any required studies.
Project preparation

  • Pre-Feasibility Study preparations including undertaking preliminary Economic Cost Benefit Analysis assessing strategic objectives for project implementation, the rationale, policy outcomes, projected costs and benefits of the project including the Value for money assessment, bankability and affordability of the project. At IAS assignments are undertaken closely with clients digging deeper to bring out the critical issues.
  • Feasibility Studies and Business case analysis conducted in consideration of People First Principles taking a step by step process in project development. Assessment involves looking at applicable costs, risks, useful in assessing Value for Money, and Value for People, Public Sector comparator (PSC), Risk adjusted PSC, necessary due diligence, Environmental Impact assessment. Other aspects assessed include the Life cycle costs, potential financing value for money and value for people and payment mechanisms, solutions Options Analysis, Risk Management, financial modeling.

Procurements and Negotiations; IAS also undertakes the preparation of such procurement documents as Expression of Interests, Requests for Proposal, Evaluation Criteria, respective draft Agreements, schedules, payment mechanism, a procurement plan to guide the entire procurement process. IAS is conversant with support required during the pre-bid and the one on one meeting with the bidders, competitive dialogue, and project negotiations. At IAS we have the art and skill for achieving the desired results. Pitching Investor Conferences to attract private sector interest into the project

Project Monitoring and Evaluation; IAS provides project implementation solutions ensuring effective oversight, looking at all the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other terms and conditions stipulated in the contractual documents. Our team of qualified experts undertakes project implementation oversight to bring value to our clients and achieve win-win situations. IAS recognizes the importance of Monitoring and Evaluation and applicable M&E frameworks are developed for client’s projects for attainment of suitable results. The M&E framework is critical to ensure that the project is on track and is attaining the expected results

Project Audits:At AIS we undertake project process and other audits exposing the areas of no compliance during project preparation and implementation and providing solutions to the issues identified

Development of Regulatory frameworks and PPP enabling environment

Development of Bankable PPP project pipeline