Global Mentorship and Coaching Forum (GMCF) launched in March 2, 2020 by Her Excellency Ambassador Lady Mac Della Cooper the former Presidential Candidate of the republic of Liberia, an Investor, and a philanthropist.

GMCF was launched as a platform for celebrating Women in Infrastructure for putting in a lot of hours of their time and energies in infrastructure development contributing greatly to Economic Growth and Development. Many times, the efforts of these women go unnoticed, despite the seemingly great political will from many African Leaders and AU, these leaders need to listen to the real infrastructure needs of the African women and women working in the infrastructure space and the informal sector and hence the basis of GMCF a platform is created to mentor and coach Women in Infrastructure space across the continent in such areas as Finance, Law, energy, Works and Transport, Health, Education, Cities, trans-boundary water and ICT among others.

Gender is an important but largely neglected aspect of infrastructure planning and provision. The weight of infrastructure deficit is mostly carried by women, who walk kilo meters per day and spend hours, collecting water, wood for cooking and heating. The design of infrastructure programmes needs to prioritise such gender-specific issues to ensure that women are able to carry out their everyday chores more efficiently, allowing more time for family care, educational opportunities, productive work and participation in community life.

It is therefore critical that the design of African cities should accommodate women’s informal trade, because inadequacy of such suitable infrastructure as houses, streets, markets, water, electricity, refuse and toilets reduces the productivity and profitability of these women’s businesses.

The question one would ask “Where are women’s voices in Africa’s infrastructure projects?” Women across Africa’s informal economy face steep challenges each engaged in her own small projects amid economic crisis, competition from big companies, and poor infrastructure.

The emergence of COVID 19 is likely to lead to high unemployment. Many women businesses will likely close and will likely struggle to compete with well-established, big companies, which have easier access to markets and better infrastructure.